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Residential Roofing System – What Signs Point To A Damaged Roof?

When you buy your first home, you feel overjoyed and hopeful for the future. What you may not be thinking about at the time are the many responsibilities that are involved in homeownership. Yes, owning a home is wonderful but if you are not prepared for the additional responsibilities, it will end up feeling like a burden. One way to be prepared is to learn about every component that makes up the home. One particular component that will require the most attention is the roofing system. Below, you will discover the signs of a roof that will require immediate replacement.

Know The Age Expectancy Of Your Roof 

What are ceiling stains? In most cases stains on the ceiling point to some type of exposure in the roofing system. When you buy a new home, you really do not need to worry too much about the roofing system for several years. It really depends on your location, climate, and roofing type, as to when it will need to be replaced. Speak with your professionally licensed roof contractor on Long Island to determine the longevity of your roofing system. The professional should have some idea of how long your roof will last. With that said, if your home is located near water, surrounded by trees, and exposed to large snowfalls, high winds, and other natural disasters, the roof will probably not last as long as manufacturer guarantees.

Ceiling And Wall Stains

A roof leak will lead to wall and ceiling stains. Yellow-colored stains will appear on the ceiling and top of the walls when the roof is leaking. When the damage first occurs, the leak will only be minimal. So, it may not be detectable at that point. The longer the damage goes undetected, the worse it will be when it is detected by you or a professional.

Light Exposure

 Most homeowners never access their attics unless they have been turned into living spaces. If at all possible, you should access your attic annually or bi-annually to conduct an inspection. If you cannot perform this task, you can always rely on your local roofing contractor to do it for you. If you can access your attic, there are several signs that you need to be looking for. These signs include water stains, damaged rafters, and light exposure. If you detect sunlight shining through, it is likely that your roof should be replaced.

Lots Of Damaged Or Missing Roofing Tiles

Another sure sign that your roof will require replacement is logs of damaged or missing roofing tiles. Regardless, if your roof is asphalt shingles, wood shake, clay, or slate, element exposure will lead to permanent damage. And, the only solution will be roofing replacement.

Most homeowners routinely inspect their roofs, looking for damaged and missing tiles. When only a few tiles are determined to be missing or damaged, it may be possible to have them replaced. But, no licensed roofing contractor in Long Island or any other U.S. state will touch a roof that is demanded beyond repair.

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