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J&R Long Island Roofing Keeps Up With Money Saving Technologies

Over the years, you have seen the technology throughout the world increase and increase. Well, as the technology of the world was increasing, so was roofing and roofing materials. There is now a wide range of new roofing materials available that can provide longer lifespans, more comfortable living, and higher energy efficiency ratings beyond anything you have ever seen before. To a lot of homeowners these new and upgraded materials still seem like more of a luxury than a necessity. Unfortunately, due to this assessment a lot of people are not able to take advantage of the great benefits that these new materials can offer. J&R Long Island Roofing highly believes in changing with the times, and there are some advances that are worth looking into.

It is no big secret that the cost of natural gas and fossil fuels just continues to raise every year. Due to these raising costs this has prompted many manufactures of housing products to focus their efforts on creating high-energy efficient products. So, it really should not be a surprise that the roofing market focused its efforts on maximizing energy efficiency as well. While there are a wide range of high efficiency roofing materials available it is best to consult with one of our professionals before making a decision on the materials that you want to use. The reason for this is because some materials will only work with certain roof styles, and other materials might offer you better solutions for your particular application. Whatever this situation is, our professional can assess the situation and present you with the best options.

Solar panel and solar applications were a big hit when they came out many years ago, but some homeowners were still comprehensive due to the bulky size and the look of the panels. However, solar power roof applications have been around for a long time now, and they have been greatly improved upon since. Solar powered shingles are now available to offer homeowners a more sleek and streamlined look. The only downside is that these shingles only have an electrical return rate of 9 to 13 percent, so you need to cover more space in order to get the same electrical return as the panels. On the up side, these shingles are more affordable, so this could present a less expensive way to create alternative energy for your home.

The commercial market should not feel left out, because great strides have also been made in this area as well. While spray foam insulation has proven itself as an energy efficient product, a newer, higher density roofing foam is now available to provide even more benefits. This new foam not only provides a watertight seal for the commercial membrane, but it reflects heat and prevents the outside air from seeping into the building. Along with this the wind and hail properties are off the charts. The installation of this new foam is even easier than ever, as it does not require any complicated fastening or adhesion, and conforms smoothly to uneven and irregular surfaces.

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