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How to Pick from all the Roofing Companies

When it comes to Long Island roofing companies, they simply aren’t all the same. And while a leak or missing shingle may not seem like rocket science, it’s still important that you pick the best choice possible for repairs or you’ll end up with a much bigger problem. The following are the essential qualifications long island roofing companies must have before you consider them for the job.


In order to practice, Long Island roofing companies need to have a license. So be sure to ask about this upfront. As licensing costs them extra money, some may decide to skip the process, but claim they’re passing the savings on to you. Reject this flat out. Whatever savings they claim you’ll be getting simply aren’t worth it.

Among other things, licensing guarantees they’re being exposed to the industry’s best practices and any new developments in the field. If nothing else, it’s an indication that they take their job seriously.


Just as, if not more, importantly is that any Long Island roofing companies you consider must have insurance. Without this all-important feature, you could be at risk for letting a roofer work on your home. In fact, you shouldn’t even let them on your roof without first verifying they’re insured. Otherwise, if they get hurt, you could be held financially responsible. The same goes for if they break something while on the job on your property.

Free Price Quote

While no roofer is tied to their price quote, it’s still best to ask for a free one upfront. In fact, you should expect that they’ll come out to your home and examine your roof to make sure they’re being accurate with the one they provide. And although they don’t necessarily have to stick to that quote, you should make it clear you’re shopping around so they feel pressured to guarantee it.

Guaranteed Work

Speaking of which, it’s important that you find a roofer who will guarantee their work. You don’t want to pay for service that ends up making matters worse only to have no real recourse on the matter. If they can guarantee their quote for the job, great. But be sure they definitely guarantee the work they’ll be doing.

While this may seem like a lot of work if your roof repairs are simple, take into consideration how bad things could be if you don’t get them handled correctly. Take the time with these considerations now and you’ll be guaranteed better work for it.

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