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How To Maintain Your Roof In The Summer

A residential roofing system is more complex than most people believe. The system consists of various layers, including trusses or rafters, roof deck, felt underlayment, ice and water barrier, drip edge, shingles, and vents. Every layer is extremely important but all are not visible from the ground or attic. If you own a home, you should know the importance of routine roof maintenance. Keeping your roofing system in good condition all year round will rely on how well you maintain it. Below, you will discover several tips to help jumpstart your effort.

Conduct Bi-Annual Inspections

Skilled roofing professionals generally offer free inspections to homeowners. The inspection is conducted by a roofing expert. The process involves assessing the attic, rafters, vents, drip edge, and a top layer of the roof. The inspector will be looking for damaged shingles, leaks, unusual openings, mold, and other important factors. The best way to ensure your roof is in good condition is to have it inspected annually or bi-annually. If you are not physically capable of accessing your attic or roof, you should hire your Long Island roofing inspection service to do it for you.

Remove Falling Debris

If your home is surrounded by trees and tall shrubs, branches and twigs will fall down on your roof every time the wind blows. While small twigs, leaves, and other debris do not seem like a problem for a roofing system, when left in place for a long period of time, they will cause significant damage. The only way to prevent that from happening is to periodically clean your roof. You can utilize a broom to sweep the debris off of your roof. It really doesn’t matter what cleaning tools you utilize for this task, as long as it is done correctly.

Make The Necessary Repairs 

There is no doubt that every roof sustains a significant amount of damage daily. UV sun rays, wind, heat, cold, moisture, rain, sleet, snow, falling debris, and other natural elements are notable for causing damage to the roofing system. Regardless of the durability or design of your roofing system, natural elements will cause damage daily, which is why inspections are so important.

During a professional roofing inspection, a technician is assessing the entire roofing system and documenting important findings. Once the inspection is complete, the results will be relayed to the homeowner. If repairs are necessary, the homeowner will be offered a range of options. One option will be to replace damaged asphalt shingles, clay roofing tiles, or wood shake. If the damage has gone too far, the only option will be to have it replaced.

Consider Replacement For Older Roofs

As mentioned above, damage beyond repair will call for a full replacement. In that case, the inspector will recommend replacing your aging roofing system. Be sure to take this recommendation to heart because a damaged or aging roof will lead to more problems later on down the road. Take advantage of this opportunity to have your roof replaced. The longer you delay, the higher the risks of major complications.

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