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J&R Long Island Roofing Offers Cost Effective Cool Roofing Systems

Home cooling expenses, climate change and the growing dependence on harmful fossil fuels has pushed roofing advancements and innovations. Homeowners are becoming more and more concerned about their roofing system, so to combat this issued they have installed cool roofs on their home. These systems are designed to create an energy efficient and cool environment inside the home, which is something that everyone desires the most.

Cool roofing products have been available to the public for over 20 years and installed on residential, commercial and industrial building structures. They can also be installed on steep-sloped and low-slope roofs, which are utilized on many home and retail buildings.

J&R Long Island Roofing is one of the best resources available to Long Island Garden City residents. Not only can we provide you with competitive price suitable for every consumer’s budget and lifestyle, but also a variety of roofing systems to select from. Cool roofs are very unique and beneficial, which is why homeowners throughout the nation are opting for them over the other available options.

Over the past few decades, roofs have become more durable, eye appealing and constructed from much darker colored, high-quality materials. Believe it or not, these roofs are capable of absorbing the sun’s heat, which has been known to reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit in some regions of the United States. Most often, the heat produced will penetrate into the inside of the home, requiring the family living in there to operate their fans and air conditioners for extended periods of time. The heat will also escape back into the environment, pushing up the temperatures will only cause the environment to be unbearably hot and humid.

One of the major benefits of cool roofs is they are capable of counteracting these effects in two different ways. First, cool roofs are light in color, which reflects heat instead of absorb it. Unlike the darker colored roof, cool roofs do not radiate nearly as much heat, even if the temperatures reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Studies show that cool roofs can keep homes 50 degrees cooler than traditional roofs, just by their color. The small benefit can reduce energy bills by 10 to 30 percent during the summer months, when the air conditioner is utilized the most.

Of course, this is only the beginning because cool roofs are capable of enduring the elements much better than the traditional roof. This means they will offer a slightly longer service life, which also save homeowners from needing to replace their roofing system as often. The main reason why cool roofs deteriorate at a slower pace is because they do not get as hot as the traditional roof. The sun can be detrimental to any roofing system, but the mere fact that cool roofs stay cooler allows them to last longer.

Cool roofs have a high solar reflectance feature that makes them unique and capable of reflecting heat and sunlight away from the structure. This in turn reduces the roof temperature, extending its life by several years.

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